Information and resources promoting the health and safety of Southern Providence County Teens. In each issue you’ll find expert advice on adolescent development, trends that pose risks to a teen’s health and safety, and helpful how-to information for parents, teachers and everyone in the community who works with teens.

Summer 2024

Summer is here! Learn all about the Talk. They Hear You. campaign and how you can talk with your youth about substance use and mental health. Also new information about when kids start experimenting and its connection with summertime activities!

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Spring 2024
In this edition, learn about new research that highlights the dual nature of teenage marijuana use as well as ways to prevent youth suicide.
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Winter 2024

With the new year upon us, this issue of the Raising Healthy Kids gives parents tips New Year resolutions, mindful parenting, and new drug trends.  Also see an update as to what SPC has been up to since the Fall with new evidence-based programs in the schools and new hires in our department. Read articles HERE

Fall 2023
Back to school edition for the fall. Check out some helpful information about helping your student get back to school, parents will learn some video game slang and learn what crossfading is, and other drug trends!
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Summer 2023
Summer is here! Check out some helpful information about parenting, information the marijuana industry doesn’t want you to know, and new drug trends that are popping up with youth!
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Spring 2023
Find out about Xylazine being laced in fake pills, how to treat your child with an injury using alternatives to opioids, sign up for a Mental Health First Aid training, learn more about our Escape Room, and more!
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Fall 2022
Learn about some back to school planning tips, new drug trends, and other information for the start of the school year!
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Summer 2022
Substance use uptick in the summer among youth, new drug trends, and some great info on role modeling this summer!
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Spring 2022
Substance use and eating disorders, the effects of alcohol and marijuana, How to get your child to listen, drug trends, talking to your kids, and more…
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Winter 2021
How to be a role model during the holiday season, Helping Your Child to be More Optimistic, New Drug Trends, and a teen toking quiz from Johnny’s Ambassadors
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Summer 2021
The Dangers of Summer, On Racism and Community, New Drug Trends, Opt in To The Know Text Messaging, Marijuana and Second Hand Smoke, Whisper App
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Spring 2021
New Drug Trends, Buying Drugs Online, Stressors Pre-Pandemic vs. Present, LGBTQ Conversations, Encouraging Planning and Self-Expression in Your Child
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Spring 2020 Special Edition – COVID 19 – Stronger Together
Every family is under so much stress and the biggest challenge we face is isolation and fear. With strength and determination, we can overcome these challenges during this difficult time. We are Stronger Together.
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Summer 2020
Parents are important role models for their children even during adolescence. Tips for modeling responsible drinking and managing stress.
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Winter 2020-2021
Robbed of Slumber. New Drug Trends. FOMO. Alcohol Role Modeling. Two highlighted articles from our local regional Student Assistance Counselor and Superintendent of Johnston Public School. Introducing from the Halls.
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Fall 2019
Changing Direction & Thinking on Mental Health and Well-Being
Helping Your Child Adjust to Middle School
11 Ways You Can Empower Your Child Against Bullying
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Winter 2019-2020
How to Spot the Early Warning Signs Your Teen May Be Using Alcohol or Other Drugs
Dinner: 30 Minutes to a More Connected Family
Parents: Role Models for Teens During Holiday Celebrations
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Know the Buzz on Underage Drinking (High School)
High school newsletter on underage drinking click here 

Freshman 2020
Know the Buzz Freshman Edition 2020-2021 year has been trying to say the least. Read your school’s edition of Know the Buzz for some great tips for returning to school as well as great prevention tools, an advice column and some local resources.

Know the Buzz College Edition
This edition was made specifically with our college population in mind. Great resources for students to learn about effects of alcohol on your mind and body as well the ripple effect that underage drinking brings with it. There are also RIC and local resources.

Know the Buzz Middle School Edition
Know the Buzz Middle School Edition 2021. Read this edition for prevention tips, change direction, ADHD and you and a chance to win $20 Amazon gift card.
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Prevention Assistant Position
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SPCRC © 2024 All rights reserved.